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Dry Skin

I have posted scrubs ,packs and treatment on dry skin but due to demand i am writing a new separate topic on dry skin.Hope it helps my readers.

  • Before taking bath apply cream mixed with lemon juice for 20 min .It will help a lot.
  •  While taking bath add drops of olive oil in water or tub .That will not dry the skin specially when bathing with warm or hot water.
  •  Apply glycerine mixed with honey .It will also bring glow on your face.
  •  Mashed bananas with milk works great for dry skin .Mixing this with oats is a great inexpensive scrubber.
  • Alternate nights apply olive oil as  moisturizer .
  • Semolina mixed with cream is also a great pack.
  • Left piece of bread can be kept outside for overnight and in morning crush it and add milk to form a coarse paste . Apply adding honey to it.
  • Take Vitamin A and E for dry skin.It will improve the condition.
  •  Avoid taking hot showers as it worsens the condition . 
  • Orange juice mixed with strawberry pulp is a magic.
  • Papaya pulp mixed with  lemon and milk will help a lot.
  • Try to bathe with lukewarm  water  and add salt to the water.Believe it will help.
  • Drink lots of water .
  • Apply olive oil mixed with aloevera gel at night and sleep to wake up to a supple,soft skin.


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    9. Dry skin is very common in hot places. Many people are ignoring about it but it can cause severe damage if not being treated. It's nice to know that there are some easy-to-do ways like this to prevent dry skin.



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