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Healthy hands reflect a lot about the personality of a person,be it a boy or a girl.Well moisturized and clean hands are good not only to look at but also for  proper hygiene.
  • It is important to always cover your hands when doing brittle jobs like gardening,ploughing etc.
  • Always moisturize your hands after washing with a proper hand lotion.
  • Intake of vit C in diet is apt for healthy skin.
  • When working in kitchen ,to get rid of foul smell from hands rub a lemon slice on it .
  • Massaging with olive oil is one of the best solutions.Glycerin mixed with lemon juice is the best home made lotion.
  • At night before retiring rub your hands with almond oil which keeps hands supple and soft.
  • After washing hands rub it with salt before the last rinse ,excellent for taking out the dead skin of hands.


  • Glycerine, lime juice and tomato juice applied as a paste works wonders.
  • To bleach hands rub boiled potato boiled in milk.Can also dip hands in water in which potatoes were boiled.
  • Honey,orange juice and oatmeal rubbed on hands is an excellent moisturizer.
  • Mix egg yolks,sunflower oil and china clay to rub on hands.It is a glowing pack and this pack can be applied to the whole body before shower once a week.
  • Milk creme , crushed almonds and egg yolk applied,dried and rinsed clears ,tightens skin and brightens hands.
  • Corn flour and curd mixed and applied makes hands and nails strong.
  • Oats mixed with honey and milk to be rubbed inside and outside the hands,clears the dead skin and makes skin soft and glow.
  • Mixture of Glycerine,Rosewater and lime juice prepared and refrigerated can be kept foe a week.Apply this mixture on hands and feet every night and see the tone of skin improving.If one has normal skin it is an excellent night creme for winters.

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