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Facial hair

The very common method of removal of unwanted facial hair from skin is bleaching which is not that dangerous but regular use do impose negative effect on the skin.Natural remedies to remove facial hair are many but they require patience and not only they serve one purpose they also benefit the skin in many other  ways like acting as an exfoliate mask help in reducing blackheads.
  • Applying  20 ml sugar to 100 ml water and one tbsp lemon juice in the direction of hair growth and rinsing slowly will help in facial hair removal.Twice a week.
  •  Make a scrub by adding curd in gram flour and add lemon juice.Rub slowly when dry and repeat every week.A sure shot remedy for hair removal.
  •  Lemon is known to be a natural bleaching agent ,but never use lemon juice raw on your skin.Mix it with curd or honey and apply in the direction of hair.When dries remove it .It will bring glow as well as improve your hair visibility. 
  • Take egg whit add corn flour and sugar till it makes a thick paste.Then apply on the skin and when it dries peel it off gently. Do it twice a week ,a great exfoliating mask too.
  • Take dry lemon peel powder,orange peel powder(dry the skin of orange and lemon in shade and then grind to form a powder)milk or cream.Form a paste and apply it on the skin ,half dried start removing it in circular motion .
  • Oatmeal and curd with rosewater applied and after it dries rub slowly with a cotton cloth to remove it.
  • Chickpea flour added with turmeric and milk also improves the complexion and reduces facial hair

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