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Grey Hair-Treatment

Grey hair can be caused due to hereditary factors or improper care .
To deal with them apply:

  • Apply amla(indian gooseberry) paste on the scalp every alternate day.

  • Massage lemon juice with almond oil to promote healthy hair.

  • Mix Henna with castor oil and lemon juice and apply for an hour before washing.Then apply shikakai or reetha powder to wash.

  • Take black tea without milk and add 1 tspn of salt.Cool it and apply on hair as a rinse and do not shampoo .

  • Make a paste of henna powder,yogurt,basil leaves,fenugreek leaves ,coffee water and apply on hair.Then wash after 1 hour .

  • Make a paste of tea- boiled water and carrot juice and apply on hair.

  • Cucumber juice,carrot juice and spinach juice when applied on hair promotes growth and prevents graying of f hair .

  • Eating foods that are rich in biotin is also an effective home remedy for grey hair. Regularly intake foods with biotin can slow down the growth of your graying hair. Foods rich in biotin are tomatoes, walnuts, soybeans, yeast, carrots, goat’s milk, cow’s milk, almonds, oats and cucumbers.

  • Curry leaves are very effective in promoting black hair.Boil some curry leaves in coconut or sesame oil and apply on your scalp and hair length.Consumption of curry leaves is equally beneficial as it promotes  melanocyte activity which produces melanin. South indian people add curry leaves in mostly all dishes and dips and they have the record of slowest graying of hair.

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