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Dark under-eye circles

Under eye dark circles are either hereditary or due to lack of sleep or lack of exercise.To cure them check these remedies:

  • Apply cotton balls dipped in cucumber juice for dark circles and puffiness.

  • Grated potato or potato slice is also effective.

  • Apply nutmeg mixed with milk.

  • Moisturize the area with good under eye-creme.

  • Mash banana and apply on the whole face.

  • Apply cold tea bags under eyes.

  • Avoid direct sun rays.Either wear sun glasses or apply good sunscreen.

  • Apply almond oil overnight.

  • Apply turmeric mixed with milk to see the difference.

  • Eat fresh vegetables and vitmin c rich fruits.

  • Cut cucumber slices and keep on eyes.
  • Mixture of cold cream with addition of rosewater and vitamin d tablet applied under eye provides moisture and relaxes eyes.

  • Mash carrot and apply it in the eyes.

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