Skin-mind in and out care natural way: Sunburns

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Sunburns are a big problem and to fight them here are certain tips:
  • Take corn starch and water.Make a paste and apply where there is itching or burns.Let it dry and wash off.

  • Mash up tomatoes and add crushed ice and apply.

  • Vinegar applied with honey on the sunburn area is very useful.

  • Applying of egg-white mixed with sandalwood water proves beneficial.

  • Application of cold aloe-vera gel is very useful for skinburns.

  • Use oatmeal mixed with cold milk on the affected area.

  • Use barley,turmeric and yogurt in equal quantities to get relief.

  • Before bathing use olive oil or neem oil on body to fight the effect.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and salads to provide natural vitamins to the body to combat the effect.

  • Rub mustard oil in the affected area to cut the effect of sunburn.

  • Cucumber juice or potato juice is also very useful.

  • Fullers earth mixed with curd or rosewater is great.

  • Soak rose peals overnight in water or milk .Apply the mashed mixture on skin.An excellent cleanser and heals suntan.

  • To fight tanning of the body apply lacto-calamine solution in summers which does not only keep skin sun-protected but also acne-free too.

  • Make ice cubes of tomato juice and apply after sun exposure get relief from heat!

  • Potato juice mixed with curd and applied on affected area heals it.

  • Coconut oil mixed with aloevera gel is very helpful.

  • Cornstarch and water paste applied helps in soothing skin.

  • Apple cider vinegar and water applied helps in treatment of sunburn.

  • Honey and milk mixed together will treat the tan and bring glow back on skin.Saffron can also be added .

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