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Blackheads are caused by overactive sebaceous glands.They are more prominent with oily skin.They are open codemones and are formed when the pores of the skin are clogged.Never try to pull  it out with a plucker or rub them violently with a cloth or apply any wax strips or tape cause these things can lead to scars and blemishes and large sized open pores.
  • The best way to loosen them is to keep your skin clean and steam your face.Steaming loosens their hold on the skin and then apply a scrubber on the skin followed by a face pack to close the pores.

  • Apply undiluted lemon juice on the blackheads twice a day.

  • 1tbsp dead sea salt 2tbsp baking soda and water.Apply this on the skin and then rub gently to remove it.

  • Mix groundnut oil with lemon juice to prevent occurrence of blackheads.

  • Rub bitter-gourd on the skin to peel them forever.

  • Mash strawberries and  add apple cider vinegar to it.Let it sit for 1 hour and apply the juice on black heads and sleep overnite.Applying this eventually will clean and minimize the pores.

  • Baking soda and water mixed and applied in circular motion helps in clearing pores and treating blackheads.

  • Scrub of salt,honey and lemon juice is beneficial.After applying take a clean cotton swab and apply on it.Let it dry for 15-20 min and then remove gently followed by moisturizer.

  • Cinnamon powder and honey is a great anti bacterial paste.It can be applied to whole face too.

  • Neem leaves and turmeric paste applied is useful.

  • Paste made of water and radish seeds are helpful.

  • Paste of vinegar and corn-starch applied and washed gently.

  • Fenugreek leaves are a great anti-blackheads herbs.Apply on skin by making paste with water.

  • Warm honey to be applied on the affected area.

  • Grind a potato and apply the juice.

  • Fuller's earth applied with yoghurt is an excellent healer.

  • Almond powder and rose water applied is useful.Scrub it gently and rinse it when it dries.

The simple mechanism for treating blackheads is opening pores cleaning them and then closing the pores.Closing of pores is the main step which is generally overlooked as the pores if remain open will accumulate dirt and will lead to blackheads again.
Very importantly after applying packs and cleaning the pores close the pores by applying ice or towel dipped in cold water followed by moisturizing the skin.

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