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Fight Wrinkles

Wrinkles are not connected with old age but with the lifestyle and eating habits of a person too!

Out in sun during peak hours that is 12 noon till 3:00 pm,drinking alchol daily,smoking,stress,not maintaining a healthy care regime for skin,lack of exercise,lack of fluid intake all constitutes to occurence of wrinkles.

Oily skin is blessed with late occurence of wrinkles but all skin types can be wrinkle free by following healthy diet and taking care of the skin.

Below are the home treatments to fight them away.

Tip:Always drink warm water and see your skin never wrinkling.

  • Make your own anti-wrinkle cream with 1 tea spoon oil and two teaspoon of rosewater.Massage it gently and keep overnight.

  • Take 1tblespoon of cold milk and add few drops of lemon into it.Apply overnight and wash and dry with towel next morning.It will also help improve complexion.

  • After bathing use moisturizer or body creme in damp body or while bathing add drops of olive oil in water.

  • To make a creme anti-wrinkle add vitamin E capsule in any cold creme and apply daily.

  • Make a paste of 1 teaspoon milk creme ,glycerine,rosewater and turmeric powder. Apply on skin for 20 min.

  • Apply mashed banana with milk and see the lines fade away!

  • Cold water is effective intreating skin with not wipe face instead pat dry with hands so that some water seeps into the skin.

  • Aloe-Vera juice applied with addition of rosewater is a wonder anti-wrinkle creme.

  • Tomato pulp with milk or vegetable oil is great anti-wrinkle creme.

  • Fresh cucumber juice ,radish juice and glycerine can be applied overnite .

  • Dry milk added with water and glycerine is a good tonic for wrinklrs.

  • Always apply moisturizer on the skin after cleansing or washing your face.

  • Olive oil mixed with honey is a anti-wrinkle treatment.

  • For wrinkled skin a good face wash is one fresh lime juice added to boiled milk with glycerine.

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