Skin-mind in and out care natural way: Diet for glowing clear skin

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Diet for glowing clear skin

What you eat will be told by how you look!You eat junk food and see people with fat deposits on their body and skin.Besides ,skin becomes lifeless with a figureless body.A healthy diet with good fitness regime works wonder.I have actually seen this happen.You need not go to a dietician for you healthyregime.The food from your kitchen shelf offers you so much of benefits that u will not believe.A walk daily can be a good body massager for your whole body.Your diet should include some essential ingrediants like:

  • Drinking of green tea is really useful as it removes toxins from the body.Drink atleast 2 glass in a day.

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and feel free from constipation and have a great body and skin.

  • Eating of orange a day will help you to get vitamin C and help your skin from sunburns.

  • Drinking warm water mixed with honey ,lemonjuice and salt clears skin and burns fats of the body.

  • Have aloe-Vera juice available in market.It is a miracle juice and helps your body get off of toxins.

  • If having oily skin cut your diet on carbohydrates like potato.

  • Have buttermilk in your diet which is made by churning curd with water as it helps cure indigestion and acidity in stomache.

  • Eating a fruit a day should be made a rule and then you will see the miraculous effects of it.

  • Use of garlic,onion and ginger should be essential in diet as it helps fight cancer cells.

  • Avoid eating of breads as it is hard to digest and increases weight.A good alternative is to opt for brown bread.

  • Drinking half gram of carrot juice daily for two weeks helps fighting wrinkles .

  • Avoid microwaves.

  • Drink 1 glass of carrot juice to increase the blood level.

  • Exercise daily to remove toxins by sweating.

  • Vitamin b complex is useful for a blemish free and healthy clear skin.Defiecency can lead to dry hair,wrinkled,face,greasy complexion.They can be taken in the form of tablet or through food sources like pulses,nuts,meat,molasses,wheat,green leafy vegetables.
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